warranty term
Warranty Term

Warranty Term

1.  The warranty period shall be 12-60months following the receipt of the goods. For sea freight/Air freight, the warranty shall be counted from 7 days after the date of arrival.

2.  Within warranty period, if under the usage of instruction sheet, any product broken or damage, we will offer the replaceparts for free.

3.  Note: Warranty will not be provided in case of the following circumstances.

  • The malfunction and damaged caused by incorrect use, the unauthorized repairs and alteration.
  • The damage caused by fire, flood, other natural disasters and secondary product damage.
  • The product malfunction caused by the fall and transportation failures after purchase.
  • The product malfunction caused by not in accordance with the user manual operation.
  • The malfunction and damaged caused by the other barriers (man-made factors or external device)

4.  Within warranty period, any product malfunction occur, customers shall provide relevant photos or videos to issue quality complaints.

5.   In order to locate the broken parts,customers shall follow our instructions to do necessary inspection. This step requires no complex operation.

6.  Once the broken parts identified, the replace parts for free will be inserted into the next shipment. For emergency situation, supplier shall send the replace parts to customers via International Express like UPS/DHL/FedEx. The freight charge shall be borne by customers.

7.  The repair after warranty period, we offer repair with part of the products, and charging only the costs of such components.

8.  The service commitment to the final interpretation of Commercial Energy Group Limited.

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