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Decorative Solar Street Lights

Embrace both aesthetics and sustainability with Newskypower decorative solar street lights. Enhancing urban landscapes with captivating designs.

Newskypower Decorative Solar Street Lights

NEWSKYPOWER decorative solar street lights are a kind of lighting equipment of a practical and artistic nature, which is used for illuminating outdoor areas while improving the urban landscape.

Feature of Decorative Solar Street Lights

Landscape Gardening
easy installation
Easy Installation
Lithum battery
Lithium Battery

Color Temperature Customization

Three color temperatures are available, 3000K, 4000K, and 6000K, suitable for a variety of outdoor scenes, greatly enhancing the cityscape and creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

NEWSKYPOWER provides color temperature customization services for decorative solar street lights. Both warm white and cold white are optional to make the ambiance more cozy and appealing.

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Feature Weather resistance

Weatherproof Design

Since Newskypower decorative solar street lights need to be installed in outdoor environments for a long time, their housings are usually designed to be waterproof and anti-rust. This design ensures the reliability and durability of the light in all weather conditions.

To the fulfillment of weatherproof and longevity, decorative solar street lights are usually made from high-grade materials, such as die-casting aluminum, and high-strength plastic.

Design Varieties

NEWSKYPOWER decorative solar street lights not only provide the function of illumination but also offer excellent decorative effects. They come in a variety of designs, either traditional lamp post style or modern minimalist style. Users can choose different colors and sizes to match their overall decoration of the outdoor settings.

Decorative solar LED garden lights are a practical and environmentally friendly outdoor lighting device for outdoor spaces such as pathways, parks, communities, and gardens, adding aesthetic appeal while providing sustainable solar lighting to these places.

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