How to select and build a lithium ion battery pack?

Step 1: Test the battery cells from the raw supplier to ensure that the voltage and capacity of each cell are sufficient.

Test and analyze the lithium battery’s charge and discharge curve, capacity, voltage, and other related data.

Battery Aging

Step 2: Pick up the same voltage and capacity battery cell for 1 battery pack to ensure stable performance.

Pick up the lithium battery cell with the same voltage and capacity/ resistance, and use the same battery cell to make a battery pack to make the function stable.

Battery Select Machine

Step 3: Auto Welding Machine to weld the lithium battery cell to the battery pack.

Automatical welded machine for a battery pack for higher working efficiency and for accuracy than a worker, to reduce the fault rate significantly.

Battery Pack Machine

Step 4: 100% testing lithium battery pack.

Initial testing of all battery packs using test equipment

battery pack test

Step 5: The aging test of the lithium battery pack.

Battery pack charge and discharge aging test by battery aging rack.

battery pack aging

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