How to extend the service life of solar street light battery?

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Solar street lights are now more and more widespread, whether rural or urban and many projects have chosen solar street lights. This is because the solar street light is a green renewable energy, it will not cause pollution to the environment, and as long as it can absorb the sun, it can be converted into electricity to discharge. Such a convenient solar street light saves people a lot of money on electricity. The battery is very important in the solar street light, if the voltage of the battery has been unstable, or has been in too much charging and discharging, then this kind of battery certainly does not so a long life. So how to extend the service life of solar street light battery?

Extend the service life of solar street light battery method:
1. To prevent overcharging

Solar street light battery life and performance and the accumulation of heat generated within the battery are closely related to the internal heat source of the battery mainly due to the internal electrochemical reaction of the power loss, you can simply look at the product of charging voltage and charging current. In the oxygen recombination reaction, the floating charge current will increase and generate more heat, in the constant voltage charging, the floating charge current will increase with the temperature rise, which makes the temperature rise further. Thermal runaway often brings serious harm, such as battery water loss, shell bulging, etc., and in serious cases, cause the battery to be scrapped.

2. To prevent over discharging

And overcharging is just the opposite, over discharging is mainly due to the charging voltage setting being low or too low. Long-term storage is not in use, to prevent battery damage caused by battery over-discharge. It is recommended that the battery be charged every 3-6 months when not in use.

3. To prevent over-discharge

The depth of discharge is closely related to the number of charge/discharge cycles (service life) for which the battery is designed. For example, when the depth of discharge is 5 %, the number of cycles is 10,000, and when the depth of discharge is 50 %, the number of cycles is only 800. Over-discharge can cause the battery to fail to reactivate to the state or even to be scrapped. The discharge time and termination voltage are different for different discharge rates, and the effective capacity discharged is also different and affected by the ambient temperature.

4. Control ambient temperature

When the battery temperature rises, the internal resistance of the battery decreases, and its floating charge current increases, leading to increased corrosion of conductive components, life is reduced; conversely, the electrolyte activity is weakened, the internal resistance of the battery increases, and the battery’s ability to discharge to the load is weakened. Therefore, solar street light battery temperature monitoring and ambient temperature control and maintenance are very necessary.

5. To replace the faulty battery in time

Timely replacement of faulty batteries, so that the availability of solar street light battery packs and even the whole group life is very important.

The above on how to extend the service life of the solar street light battery is shared here for you, generally speaking, a more stable battery price will be more expensive but can be used for a long time.

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