Major Factors Affecting the Lifespan of Solar Street Lights

If you want to buy a street light that integrates environmental protection, energy saving, and high efficiency, then solar street light will be a good choice. For users, the lifespan of solar street lights has always been the focus of attention.

blog the Lifespan of Solar Street Lights

What are the main factors affecting the lifespan of solar street lights? 

  1. Solar Panel

As the key to converting sunlight into electricity, the quality of solar panels must be the first concern of users. Inferior solar panels are prone to low conversion efficiency and high damage rate due to the low level of materials and craftsmanship, thus shortening the lifespan of the whole system. Especially in areas with relatively harsh weather conditions, higher quality solar panels can ensure a longer lifespan.

  1. Lithium Battery

The battery type and capacity of the solar street light directly affect its effectiveness in adverse weather conditions such as continuous cloudy and rainy days. Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries tend to have a longer life and higher charge/discharge cycles. Moreover, in the case of non-use, lithium batteries maintain power for a longer period of time, and the performance is more stable.

Lithium ternary batteries have about 600-1000 cycles and work better than lithium iron phosphate at low temperatures.

The cycle times of lithium iron phosphate batteries are more than 2000 times, the life expectancy reaches more than 5 years, and the stability is better than ternary batteries in high ambient temperatures.

Also note the distinction that there are many recycled used batteries on the market.

  1. LED Light

Lighting is the primary use for any light. High-quality LED lights can not only provide better lighting but also extend the lifespan of solar street lights. When choosing lamp beads, it is better to choose a famous brand, high luminous efficiency, and high color rendering index lamp beads. High brightness, long service life up to 100000 hours.

  1.  Product Material

The durability of a solar street light is closely related to the material of its housing and its accessories. Lights equipped with more advanced materials can significantly extend its life.

For industry and residential solar street lights, the commonly used materials are die-cast aluminum, aluminum alloy, and ABS.

  1. Solar Controller 

Solar controller is the core component of solar street light, it is an important component to control the operation of the whole light. It is equivalent to the CPU of a computer, which controls the charging and discharging of the light and works automatically. A good solar controller can better improve the charging efficiency of the solar street light, such as MPPT solar controller can improve the charging efficiency to more than 95%. A high-quality solar controller is very important.

  1. Environmental Conditions

The suitable temperature for general solar street light use is -20℃~40℃, and the lifespan of solar street lights under different environmental temperatures will be different. In addition, affected by sunlight, wind, rain, snow, and other natural environments, solar streetlights exposed to harsh environments for a long time are prone to corrosion or damage, thus affecting their lifespan. Higher quality materials and weatherproof design can make the street light better adapt to the environment and extend its life.

  1. Regular Maintenance

Inspection and cleaning of the product itself, regular replacement of batteries, timely maintenance of faulty components, etc., are all ways to maintain and care for solar street lights, do a good job of these, and also can play a role in extending the lifespan of solar street lights.

blog the Lifespan of solar street light

Proper maintenance and favorable environmental conditions can extend the lifespan of solar street lights. Of course, choosing high-quality solar lights is the most important prerequisite.

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