• mj-dw solar flood light with camera
  • mj-dw led solar flood light with camera
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  • solar led flood light with camera
  • solar flood light with camera
  • MJ-DW solar led flood light with camera
  • DW solar flood light with camera
  • mj-dw solar flood light with camera
  • mj-dw led solar flood light with camera
  • mj-aw solar flood light
  • solar led flood light with camera
  • solar flood light with camera
  • MJ-DW solar led flood light with camera
  • DW solar flood light with camera

MJ-DW Series Solar Flood Light with Camera

Model: MJ-DW901/902/903/904

  • Power: 100W/200W/300W/400W
  • 1080P WIFI camera with motion alarm
  • POLY Solar panel
  • SMD5730 LED beads
  • LiFePO4 lithium battery
  • Die-casting aluminum body
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Remote contol & App control
  • CE, ROHS

MJ-DW Series Solar Flood Lights with Camera

“High-definition monitor”, “5G IOT”, “ultra-low power consumption”, “strong battery life”, “signal stability /no disconnection”, “outstanding luminous efficiency “. The MJ-DW Solar Flood Light with camera has an inner high-capacity LiFePO4 battery, which relies on the solar panel to absorb sunlight energy and then convert it into energy in the battery, which then is provided to the solar lamp and monitoring work. Wi-Fi connection is required for monitoring operation, then the operation can be viewed remotely in real-time, switch lights on&off or playback through APP. Products are widely used in home backyards, farms, orchards, etc

Low power consumption monitoring program

The ultra-low power monitoring program independently developed by our company which consumes power less than 5-ampere hours in 24 hours. It means consumption is much lower than similar products on the market. We manage to greatly reduce the requirements for solar panels and batteries and then greatly reduce the price threshold for the solar monitors. At the same time, it also ensures good rainy-day efficiency.

HD camera

The use of a 1080P HD chip and lens ensures the clarity of video and pictures. Meanwhile, the day and night full-color function is adopted to ensure the same excellent monitoring efficiency at night.

Signal stability

In the early stage of research and development of our product, the special outdoor conditions have been fully considered, then we designed the special enhanced signal to make sure strong signal penetration which is not easy to drop. If WiFi gets disconnected, the product can automatically connect to WiFi after recovering. (Where Wi-Fi can cover, the monitor can be connected)

International APP platform

MJ-DW Series Solar Flood Light with Camera selects the internationally famous platform “Tuya Smart” as our APP service provider. The platform is compatible with more than 100 national languages. The platform can automatically switch the corresponding language according to the user’s mobile phone voice version. Large platforms are more stable, more reliable, and more convenient for use, without worrying about potential risks such as background server shutdown.

Rich in functions

MJ-DW Solar Flood Light with Camera can remotely switch lights on/off through APP, multiple people at the same time use or control, the moving monitoring alarm and other functions to bring users the latest Internet of Things technical experience; At the same time, it has multiple functions such as photographs, video recording, playback, and time-power-off/on which can fully meet the user’s monitoring needs.

Data of Solar Flood Lights with Camera

 Model MJ-DW901 MJ-DW902 MJ-DW903 MJ-DW904
Rated power 100W 200W 300W 400W
LED bead 82pcs,2835 144pcs,2835 236pcs,2835 324pcs,2835
Lumens 1500LM 2000LM 3000LM 3500LM
Solar panel 20W/5V 28W/5V 35W/5V 40W/5V
LiFePO4 battery (DC3.2V) 12000mAh 24000mAh 30000mAh 45000mAh
Color temp. 6000K
Material Die-casting Aluminum
Water proof IP67
Cable length 5Meters
Charge time 8H
Lighting mode Light on at dusk, Light off at dawn Auto. 5 work modes.
Camera 1080P full color high-definition video , Linux system, 4mm Lens focal length. APP remote control.
WIFI distance MAX 50 meters (No obstacle)
Memory card 16G/32G/64G/128G OPTIONAL 16G: 3-4days record. 32G: 7-8days record. 64G: 15days record. 128G: 30days record.

Lighting Mode & Brightness

Intelligent automatic power reduction

Time 0-0.5H 0.5-2H 2-4H 4-5H 5H To Dawn
AUTO Mode 100-80% 80-60% 60-50% Radar sensor (40% people come  +10% people leave)
Constant Mode 100-80% 80-60% 60-50% 50-40% 40-30%
Radar Mode The brightness is same as constant mode when people come, 10% brightness when people leave.
3+X After 3 hours constant lighting, turn to Radar mode.
4+X After 4 hours constant lighting, turn to Radar mode.

REMARK: When battery voltage is less than 3.0V (30% capacity), the light will be changed to Radar mode automatically.

 Model MJ-DW901 MJ-DW902 MJ-DW903 MJ-DW904
Gift box (mm) 365*365*80 515*365*80 595*365*80 650*365*80
QTY/CTN. 8 6 5 4
Carton G.W (KG) 21.5 24.2 24.5 23
Carton size(mm) 660*375*380 525*510*380 605*430*380 660*345*380

Details of MJ-DW Solar Flood Light with Camera


CCTV Camera

1080P full-color high-definition video. Linux system, two million pixels. 4mm Lens focal length.

Support multiple people watching. 100 Languages support. Movement monitoring alarm.

APP remote control by WIFI, including remote Light ON/OFF function.


High Brightness with Optical Lens

2835LED Super bright chip. Higher Luminous Intensity lower thermal resistance and greater luminaire stability. Longer Lifespan.

PC lens, optically clear,  UV stable, and non-yellowing.

Overall lighting efficiency is improved by 30-50% compared with the competition.


Solar Panel

POLY solar cell. High efficiency>20%. 6 hours fully charged.

Fast charging technology. Quality aluminum alloy frame.

Thickened bracket. Long lifespan.

Die-casting Aluminum

Strong Lamp Body

Die-casing Aluminum material. Strong and durable. Good heat dissipation.

Anti-aging, anti-corrosion. Suitable for marine and outdoor use.

LiFePO4 battery

LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Built-in 32650 high-capacity LiFePO4 lithium battery. Longer circulation lifespan of up to 2000 times.

High ambient temperature tolerance. operating temperature -20 degrees to +60 degrees.


Outdoor Waterproof

Perfectly sealed waterproofing, built-in waterproof rubber ring, glue-free.

IP67 waterproof, Suitable for all kinds of outdoor use.


Features of MJ-DW Solar Flood Light with Camera

1080P CCTV Camera
solar experience
POLY Solar Panel
led bead
High brightness bead
LiFePO4 Lithium Battery
Die-casting Aluminum
remote control
Remote Control
IP67 Waterproof
Rainy days backup
Rainy days backup
dusk to dawn
Dusk to Dawn Auto

Lighting Effect of MJ-DW Solar Flood Light with Camera

APP Control

Live/Play Back/Record Video

Motion Detection Alarm

Lighting ON/OFF Switch

app control

Customized Your Logo on Product & Packages

logo on mj-dw
Light Body
color box mj-dw
Color Box
carton mj-dw
Outer Carton
What is working time of solar flood light with camera?

The lighting time is 12 hours per day, dusk to dawn auto working.

What is charging time?

6 Hours.

What is the MJ-DW solar flood light's lifetime?

The battery lifetime is about 5 years.

What is colour temperaturer for choice?

There are 3500K and 6500K CCT. for choice.

What is the MOQ for customize packaging?

500PCS for the color box.

100PCS for the outer carton.

What is warranty time of solar flood light with camera?

The warranty time is 2 Years.

How many mobilephone devices can be connected to one MJ-DW solar flood light?

One MJ-DW solar flood light can connect one mobilephone. But this phone can create a family group through the app and share the monitoring footage with family members.

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