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Solar Decorative Street Lights

Embrace both aesthetics and sustainability with Newskypower solar decorative street lights. Enhancing urban landscapes with captivating designs.

Newskypower Solar Decorative Street Lights

Nowadays, people are advocating a green environment. Whether it’s the living environment or daily necessities, we’re all looking for new forms of energy that can add a bright spot to our lives. With the development of the times and the attention of governments to environmental protection, NEWSKYPOWER is now selling solar decorative street lights to meet the needs of customers in various countries.

Our solar decorative street lights not only bring people lighting but also save electricity costs while adding a beautiful decorative effect to your outdoor space.

Feature of Solar Decorative Street Lights

Landscape Gardening
easy installation
Easy Installation
Lithum battery
Lithium Battery

Versatility in Design

There are countless advantages to solar street lights. As a green energy product, customers can not only realize a one-time investment but also get long-term light without paying any electricity bill.

Our solar decorative street lights combine aesthetics and practicality, and we have designed a number of customer-favorite models based on unique and simple lines. Whether it is European vintage or modern technological sense, NEWSKYPOWER’s solar decorative street lights will always realize your pursuit and provide you with a light environment full of art.

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feature decorative solar street lights

Color and Material

The works of NEWSKYPOWER’s designers show great flexibility in the choice of light colors and housing materials for solar decorative street lights. From our catalog, you can choose different lights such as 3000K,6000K, and RGB colors according to your needs.

Our decorative solar street lights are usually made of high-quality materials such as die-cast aluminum, ABS, or aluminum alloy, and are double-plated in black, copper, or silver, which ensures resistance to pressure during transportation and corrosion in the long term and enhances the decorative effect of the lights.

Warranty Service

We are committed to the high-quality materials used in the solar decorative street lights we sell, and when you choose to buy solar decorative street lights from NEWSKYPOWER, our professional sales team and technical department are always ready to help.

We will continue to update our products and improve our services, and look forward to establishing a long-term business relationship with you.

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