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Solar Street Light with CCTV Camera

Newskypower Solar Street Light with CCTV Camera

Newsky Power solar street light with CCTV camera is a creative product that combines solar outdoor lighting with a surveillance camera. The whole system relies purely on solar energy, reducing electricity costs and carbon footprint.

The integrated solar street light with cameras offers an integrated solution for areas that require both solar outdoor lighting and security guards.

  • Model: MJ-SSO100C/200C/300C/400C
  • POLY Solar panel
  • LiFePO4 lithium battery
  • Die-casting aluminum body
  • CCTV Camera
MJ-SSTHC solar street light
  • Model: MJ-SSTH800C/1200C
  • POLY Solar panel
  • LiFePO4 lithium battery
  • ABS body
  • CCTV Camera
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Feature of Solar Street Light with CCTV Camera

remote control
Remote Control
CCTV camera
CCTV Camera
Outdoor Waterproof
Lithum battery
LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

1080P CCTV camera

Newsky power integrated solar street light with CCTV camera is equipped with a 4-megapixel HD camera, providing 24/7 surveillance in a green way.

Users can watch high-resolution pictures and videos on an APP/ PC anytime from anywhere, and the data collected by the camera also can be stored in the memory card, enabling users to watch previous activities.

Solar street lights with surveillance are designed to deter criminal activity and protect people’s property.

feature solar street light with cctv camera
feature SIM-TF Card

4G Network connectivity

Newsky Power Solar Led Street Light with camera adopts 4G mobile network technology, allowing it to transmit high-definition video and images over the internet.

With a built-in SIM card, users can achieve real-time monitoring and control settings remotely through a user-friendly APP or PC version with an internet connection.

Solar street lights with 4G cameras are widely used in areas without network infrastructure.

100% Solar powered

The solar panel on top of the street light with a camera absorbs sunlight and converts it into electrical energy, which gets stored in the battery for the usage of 24-hour CCTV surveillance and LED illumination at night.

High wind pressure and snow load, Advanced module sealing technology to eliminate leakage and frame deformation.

They are ideal for installation sites where traditional electrical infrastructure is difficult to implement.

feature solar light with cctv camera

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