What is all in two solar street light?

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As the name suggests, an all-in-two solar street light is made up of two parts. One part integrates the battery, controller, and light source within the fixture to form a whole head. The other part is the solar panel.

Advantages of all in two solar street lights:

  1. Flexible installation

all in two design avoids the limitation of installation angle, users can adjust the angle of the solar energy at will so that it can better convert electricity.

  1. High conversion rate

Because the same panel, the larger the area, the higher its photoelectric conversion efficiency. All-in-two solar street lights can be equipped with larger capacity solar panels without worrying about the size of the light body will limit the capacity of solar panels.

  1. Wide application range

All-in-two solar street lights are more suitable for large roads and highways with high requirements for lights, and can also be used in squares, neighborhoods, and industrial parks.

The disadvantages of all-in-two solar street lights:

  1. Large size

The solar panel of all in two solar street lights is often larger than the light body, and the composition of the two parts will increase the packaging and transportation.

  1. Complicated installation

All in two solar street lights in the installation, need to now connect the two parts of the assembly and need to thread wiring, etc., relatively complex.

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All-in-two solar street lights have both advantages and disadvantages, users can choose according to their own needs.

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