What is the difference between integrated and semi-integrated solar street lights?

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Integrated and semi-integrated solar street lights, as two of the most popular street lights, are the first choice of users among the many new products that are emerging.

What are the differences between these two kinds of streetlights?

  1. Different appearance design

Integrated solar street light integrates solar panels, batteries, controllers, and lamp bodies together, saving transportation space and cost.Semi-integrated solar street lights are packaged larger and cost more to transport because of their split nature.

  1. Different installation methods

Integrated solar light is a whole, the user only needs to install the bracket of the integrated light to a fixed position to complete the installation, which is very convenient. Semi-integrated solar lights require the installer to combine the solar panel, batteries, and other parts, and connect the wiring.

  1. Different performance

Semi-integrated solar street lights use a larger solar panel compared to the integrated one, and it is convenient to adjust the angle according to the direction of sunlight after installation so as to improve the charging efficiency. At the same time, if there is damage to the components in the process of use, you only need to replace a single component, without the need to replace the lamp as a whole. The integrated solar light integrates all the components together, which can realize higher functions in a small size space. At the same time, the appearance of the integrated light is more beautiful and can be designed differently according to the different environments of use.

  1. Different application scenes

Semi-integrated solar street lights are more suitable for the environment that needs to be used for a long time, such as community street lights, outdoor plazas, and so on. As the semi-integrated lamp is more flexible, it can not only realize more efficient photoelectric conversion, but also better adapt to different installation environments. Integrated solar street light is more suitable for flower beds, lawns, parks, roads and many other wide areas, its simple and stylish design, more conducive to integration into the environment, landscaping.

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In short, users should refer to the above characteristics, according to the situation of the installation site, and choose a more suitable solar street light.

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