What is the difference between stamping and die casting?

die cast aluminum machine
The production process is different

The stamping and die casting production processes are different, stamping is through the stamping die will be a one-time metal plate shearing into the required shape and size, and then other processing and surface treatment; And die casting is through the liquid metal into the mold for molding and hardening after taking out the process, need more processing and surface treatment.

Different raw materials

Stamping parts and die-casting raw materials are also different, stamping parts mostly used steel, aluminum, and other metal plates with a certain degree of thinness, while die-casting is used aluminum, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, and other alloys with a certain degree of liquid fluidity.

Different product characteristics

Stamping and die-casting product characteristics are also different, The stamping surface is usually smooth, with shape and size precision, but its strength and toughness are relatively low; and the casting surface will leave certain mold traces, size and shape precision is relatively low, with but it has high strength and toughness.

Different fields of application

Stamping and die casting in the field of application are also different, in general, stamping is suitable for the production of large quantities, complexity is not very high products, such as home appliances, automotive parts, and so on; and die casting is suitable for the production of small quantities, but the shape and size of the more complex requirements of the product.

In summary, stamping and die-casting parts are common metal parts processing methods; the two production processes, raw materials and product characteristics, and other aspects are different. In the choice of processing methods, according to the needs of specific products and characteristics of comprehensive consideration, choose the most suitable processing methods.

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