Why are solar lights popular?

poles for yard light

Solar lights are mainly divided into several categories such as solar street lights, solar garden lights, solar lawn lights and so on. Among them, the most popular ones in villa lighting are solar lawn lights and solar garden lights. Solar lights are not only easy to install but also have the advantages of safety and environmental protection, easy installation and so on.

Independent work

The solar light is a self-contained unit that does not need to be connected to the mains and can work independently. It can be automatically turned off during the day to charge, and automatically light at night.

High safety

Solar lights are DC-powered with battery storage. No leakage and electric shock will occur on rainy days.

Energy saving and environmental protection

Solar lights use the sun’s energy for electricity, with green, no noise, no pollution, etc. And the conversion efficiency of solar panels is 18%-25%, compared with ordinary fluorescent lamps, solar lights save energy up to 30%, so solar lights have a great advantage. Its light source uses LED, high luminous efficiency, and is a green light source that does not contain mercury.

Easy installation

Solar lights do not need wiring installation, installation is simple, can save a lot of time and labor costs required to lay lines, and shorten the construction cycle.

Not subject to geographical restrictions

As solar lights are installed outdoors, they can be installed anywhere you like, as long as the sun can be used. Do not need to consider the issue of power supply location, but also according to the actual situation, the flexibility to adjust the brightness of the lights, such as mobile phone apps to adjust the brightness,  group control, set up diversified lighting scenes, remote control, and so on.

Wide range of application

Solar lights have a wide range of applications and can be applied to any area and any environment. Ordinary solar street lamps are suitable for lighting in areas such as communities, roads, car parks, etc., while solar lamps are suitable for lighting in rural areas, factories, parks, etc. in a wider range.

Solar lights have a wide range of applications, in addition to being applied to villa lighting, they can also be used in factories, schools, hospitals, and other places, and can even be used in the main road of the city. Compared with ordinary street lights, solar lights can not only reduce the cost of line installation and later maintenance costs but also has the advantage of safety and environmental protection.


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