Why Choose Solar Street Lights with Motion Sensors?

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When you have a solar street light with motion sensors outside your house, you can know in time if someone (or an animal) is walking around your house. While providing illumination, it also replaces cameras and gives you a great sense of security.

So, what is a motion sensor?

Motion sensor is a kind of detecting device that meets the requirements of controlling objects by detecting the motion of people or objects and converting it into the required information.In most applications, these sensors are primarily used to detect human activity within a specific ‘field of view’ area. Motion sensors used in solar street lights, through the detection of human or animal movement, realize the function of lighting up when there are people and extinguishing the lights when people leave, thus saving energy and providing early warning.

What are the features of solar street lights with motion sensors?
  1. More energy efficient

Solar street lights with motion sensors can automatically detect motion within a few meters. Keeping the brightness low until motion is detected saves power and extends battery life. Once motion is sensed, the LED solar street light with a motion sensor can automatically adjust from low to full brightness for 30 seconds. This smart feature saves power, and increases brightness. and improves visibility to prevent unwanted intrusions.

  1. Safe and Reliable

Its motion-sensing function is more suitable for unoccupied or relatively remote places. Users can remotely control and adjust the working mode of the solar street light, and remind it in time to serve as a warning when it detects people or other creatures in the vicinity.

  1. Various options

There are two kinds of solar street light with induction: radar induction and infrared induction. Radar induction is more sensitive and suitable for detection in hot environments. Infrared sensor sensitivity is moderate, and can better sense the changes in the environment. The two types of sensing have their own merits, and users can choose flexibly according to their needs.

  1. Longer life

The intelligent control switch function of the solar street light with motion sensor reduces the usage frequency of lamp beads and solar panels to a large extent, which makes the service life of the solar street light longer than that of the general solar street light.

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In short, solar street lights with motion sensors offer a combination of energy efficiency, automated operation, enhanced safety, durability, ease of installation and maintenance, and versatility, making them highly desirable for outdoor lighting needs.

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