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Solar Street Light 60 Watt

Newskypower Solar Street Light 60 Watt

The general installation height of 60W solar street light is usually 7-8M, equipped with MONO 18V solar panel system and high quality 12.8V lithium battery system. The battery pack is equipped with a specialized waterproof bag for double protection against water ingress.

The LED adopts CREE 3030 lamp chips and lenses as well as a reasonable light-emitting angle, which makes the 60W bright enough to meet the installation requirements of roads more than ten meters wide.

The housing is usually made of die-cast aluminum high-quality housing, waterproof and heat dissipation is better.

Feature of Newskypower Solar Street Light 60 Watt

easy installation
Easy Installation
Die-cast Aluminum
Outdoor Waterproof
Lithum battery
LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Color Temperature

The solar street light 60w usually can do the color temperature as 3000k/4000k/6000k model, The 6000K is the default model which is the popular choice.

Color temperature can be chosen from 3000K to 6000K.

feature decorative solar street lights
feature NK LED

High Lumens

We create a new LED lens that provides greater luminosity. The beam pattern is perfect for sidewalks, pedestrian promenades, bicycle paths, roads, and parking lots.

Famous brand CREE LED chip from USA, CREE 30*30,  the Luminous Efficiency>160Lm/W.

Lithium Battery

The lithium batteries and smart protection features are up for the challenge. The Working temperature is -20 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius. Newsky uses new-generation LiFePO4 Lithium batteries which offer 4-5 times more storage and power capacity versus conventional Lead Acid batteries.

LiFePO4 is characterized by high rate discharging, high temperature, long cycle life, and safety.  The battery Number of cycles is over 2000 times.

lithium battery
feature solar controller

MPPT Core Technology

Innovative MPPT technology, tracking efficiency >99%, Full digital technology, high charge conversion efficiency up to 96%, discharge conversion efficiency up to 95.5%.Automatic power balance 365 mode, 365 days can be lit, and Human infrared induction.

If the battery voltage is low, it can be set to dimming automatically, the Day/Night threshold can adjust automatically,  and the Low temperature charging protection.

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