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Commercial Parking Lot Solar Lights

Commercial Parking Lot Solar Lights – Proudly Crafted by Newskypower Industry-Leading Factory.

Newskypower Commercial Parking Lot Solar Lights

Commercial parking lot solar lights have a wide range of applications and are not restricted by the power grid, so they can be installed in any place where lighting is needed, including parking lots.

This means that installing commercial solar street lights in parking lots does not require much labor, such as trenching, pipe pavement, and wire connection, which are easily encountered in installing traditional electric lighting.

Feature of Commercial Parking Lot Solar Lights

easy installation
Easy Installation
Die-cast Aluminum
Outdoor Waterproof
Lithum battery
LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

High Brightness and Wide Coverage

Commercial parking lot solar lights adopt high-quality LED lamp beads, and the luminous efficacy of a single bead can reach 180LM/W.

Moreover, the LED beads are covered by a high transmittance optical lens, which enhances the luminous efficiency of the LED beads and expand a beam of light over a larger area, increasing the coverage of the commercial parking solar lights.

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Commercial parking lot solar lights can withstand all sorts of bad weather as they are made of high-strength aluminum alloy material and are designed to be IP65 waterproof.

The light will not rust under a long time outdoor environment. To ensure the commercial parking solar lights have a long service lifespan, brand new Grade A lithium iron phosphate batteries are considered as a first choice.

Intelligent Working Mode

The improvement of photoelectric conversion efficiency and the lightness and thinness of solar panels will make solar lights more efficient, beautiful, and suitable for various environments.

At the same time, the development of intelligent control technology will also make the commercial parking lot solar street lights able to adjust the brightness and working time more flexibly according to the environmental changes, so as to realize the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.

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Commercial Parking Lot Solar Lights Projects

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