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Commercial Solar Powered Street Lights

Commercial Powered Solar Street Lights – Proudly Crafted by Newskypower Industry-Leading Factory.

Newskypower Commercial Solar Powered Street Lights

Commercial powered solar street lights are usually used in commercial areas of streets, main roads, squares, parking lots, parks, scenic spots, industrial areas, and campuses.

It has higher requirements on lighting brightness, lighting angle, light duration, and rainy and cloudy days backup.

Feature of Commercial Solar Powered Street Lights

easy installation
Easy Installation
Die-cast Aluminum
Outdoor Waterproof
Lithum battery
LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Durability and Reliability

NEWSKYPOWER Commercial solar powered street lights feature great durability and reliability to withstand the challenges of tough weather conditions, mechanical damage, or vandalism that can exist in a commercial environment. As a result, they are often made of more robust and durable materials and designs.

The light body of the commercial solar street light is made of high-quality die-casting aluminum, which is strong and durable, does not rust, dissipates heat well, and can be safely used outdoors.

Cast aluminum SSO
newskypower factory

Customized Design

NEWSKYPOWER can provide you with customized commercial solar powered street lights according to your different needs. Different configurations are selected based on the customer’s specific requirements and environmental conditions. This may involve customized design in terms of the size of the solar panels, the capacity of the batteries, and the mounting method.

Reasonable sizing of commercial solar street lamps can maximize cost savings and achieve optimal lighting effects.

High Cycle Batteries

Newskypower Commercial solar powered street lights usually adopt Grade A lithium iron phosphate batteries to achieve the longest service life. These batteries can be cycled more than 2000 times and are characterized by high-temperature resistance, which can provide a stable power supply for solar street lights in hot environments for a long time.

Brand new LiFePO4 lithium battery can guarantee the normal operation of commercial solar powered street lights for more than 5 years.

lithium battery

Commercial Solar Powered Street Lights Projects

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