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Heavy Duty Solar Street Light

Newskypower Heavy Duty Solar Street Light

NEWSKYPOWER is a professional solar light manufacturer in China, we can provide you with customized solutions, whether it’s a civilian light for ordinary families or heavy duty solar street light for large government projects.

We support OEM/ODM service, for large-scale street lighting projects, customers only need to indicate the customized products and local government road standards, and we can create a unique heavy-duty solar street light for you. Our professional team will follow up the whole process, to ensure timely delivery and subsequent problems encountered during the period of use.

Feature of Heavy Duty Solar Street Light

high lumen LED
High Brightness

Lighting efficiency >180LM/W, wide lighting angle

Die-casting Aluminium

Heavy duty Die-cast aluminum material, non-rust

Lithum battery
LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

High capacity, more than 2000 cycles

Reliable Quality

Quality guarantee, support Max 5 years warranty

Heavy-duty Material

NEWSKYPOWER’s heavy duty solar street lights use one-piece die-cast aluminum as the main material, which ensures the solar street lights are more stable and durable.

The die-cast aluminum makes the solar street light stronger and able to withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions, even if it is used for a long period of time in coastal cities without worrying about rust, deformation, or damage.

Cast aluminum SSO
ALL IN ONE solar street lights

High Brightness

The LED light beads used in Newskypowr heavy duty solar street lights are usually of high quality compared to other light beads in the market, which can bring higher brightness and provide the public with wider and more even illumination.

Moreover, the LED light beads are designed with durability and energy efficiency, ensuring long-lasting performance and contributing to sustainable urban lighting solutions. Enhances the safety of roads and public places.

Intelligent Control

Heavy duty solar street light is equipped with an advanced intelligent control system. The power can be adjusted automatically according to the battery level to ensure that it can work normally and continuously every night and on rainy days.

It not only adjusts power efficiently but also incorporates weather prediction algorithms to optimize its performance, thus ensuring reliable and uninterrupted operation for 365 days, regardless of weather conditions.

feature solar controller

Heavy Duty Solar Street Light Projects Gallery

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