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Industrial Solar Street Lights

Newskypower Industrial Solar Street Lights

With the growing global demand for green and sustainable energy, NEWSKYPOWER, with its excellent solar manufacturing technology, has brought green and environmentally friendly lighting solutions to the global engineering field – Industrial solar street lights.

Industrial solar street lights are specially designed for commercial projects and public facilities. It combines advanced solar technology with an efficient photoelectric conversion system, which can provide long-lasting and stable lighting for various engineering projects without the need for a traditional grid power supply.

Feature of Industrial Solar Street Lights

easy installation
Easy Installation

No need to lay underground cables, wiring

Quality Assurance

High quality with up to 5 years warranty

Outdoor Waterproof

Suitable for various outdoor scenes

Lithum battery
LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Cycle times greater than 2000

Worry-free Warranty

Newskypower promises to provide 3-5 years of warranty service for different models of industrial solar street lights.

In case of non-human damage or performance issues under normal use, we provide prompt online technical support and parts replacement. This warranty underlines our confidence in product quality and commitment to customer satisfaction.

We’ll ensure optimal performance throughout the warranty period, offering reliable quality and comprehensive after-sales service.

feature industrial solar lights
feature industrial solar light

Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

The solar street lights harness solar energy, converting it into storable electricity, offering long-lasting, stable lighting without grid reliance. This reduces traditional energy dependency, promoting renewable energy use.

These lights also adjust brightness based on light intensity and environment, extending lifespan & improving energy efficiency, contributing to conservation & emission reduction.

Wide Range of Applications

The installation location of industrial solar street light is not limited. Whether in cities, villages, mountains or seaside, it can play its unique advantages.

In cities, they can illuminate municipal streets, squares, parks, and other public areas. which not only beautifies the city’s night scene but also reduces urban light pollution.

In rural areas, they have become an important guarantee for villagers’ night activities and improved their quality of life.

feature industrial solar street light
feature solar street lights

Easy to Install

The structure of integrated industrial solar street light is mainly composed of solar panels, LED sources, solar controllers, and lithium batteries. Easy to install.

First, determining the installation location of the street lights ensures that the solar panels can fully receive sunlight. Then, secure the street light pole to the ground to make sure it is stable. Next, turn on and install the solar street light at a suitable location on the light pole so that it can receive enough sunlight.

After completing these steps, the industrial solar street lights installation is finished.

Industrial Solar Street Lights Projects Gallery

What is industrial solar street light?

Industrial solar street lights are mainly used for commercial purposes, such as streets, factories, and neighborhoods. It needs higher brightness and longer and more stable lighting time. Its configuration is larger. Including high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels, MPPT solar controllers, branded high-efficiency lamp beads, high-capacity lithium iron phosphate batteries, and durable die-cast aluminum or aluminum alloy housing. Differing from the residential solar street light, the industrial solar street light has higher brightness, longer duration of high brightness, normal work in cloudy and rainy days, and continuous lighting for 365 days.

How durable are industrial solar street lights?

Industrial solar street lights use high-quality lamp beads that typically last about 50,000 to 100,000 hours. High-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries with more than 2,000 cycles and a service life of 5-8 years.

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