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Integrated LED Solar Street Light

NEWSKYPOWER – Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Integrated LED Solar Street Lights in China.

Newskypower Integrated LED Solar Street Light

Integrated LED solar street light is suitable for a variety of places and environments, with a wide range of uses, such as coastal city street lights, residential street lights, highway street lights on both sides of the street, factory warehouse street lights, parks and internal road lighting, commercial street lights, rural mountainous areas with CCTV camera solar street lights and so on.

Choose NEWSKYPOWER LED integrated solar street light, our professional export team will provide energy-saving, environmentally friendly, high-quality, and low-cost lighting solutions. Our solar street lights can bring you a bright and comfortable night, whether installed in the city or the countryside.

Feature of Newskypower Integrated LED Solar Street Light

easy installation
Easy Installation

All-in-one integrated design, no wiring required.

high lumen LED
High Brightness

High Luminous Efficiency >180LM/W.

Outdoor Waterproof

Weather-resistant. IP65 waterproof level or above.

Lithum battery
LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

High capacity, Circulation times > 2000 times.

ALL IN ONE Integrated Design

The integrated LED solar street light consists of the integrated solar panel (MONO or POLY), high brightness LED lamp beads, MPPT, and a brand new high-quality grade A lithium battery in a monolithic design.

NEWSKYPOWER has a professional design team for the research and development of the original Integrated led solar street light model, which makes the whole product easier to install and reduces the customer’s installation and maintenance cost.

all in one solar street light structure
Cast aluminum SSO

Heavy-Duty Material

Integrated LED solar street lights are usually made of die-cast aluminum, using advanced technology of All-IN-ONE die-casting, with waterproof index up to IP65 to IP67, which can be used for a long time in the coastal cities without worrying about rust or oxidation of the Integrated led solar street light due to the influence of bad weather.

This integrated LED solar street light design is simple and modern, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly while adding a touch of technology to local construction.

Automatic Intelligent Work

Integrated LED solar street lights can automatically detect day and night and work automatically without manual operation.

Meanwhile, it can automatically detect rainy days and intelligently adjust the output power to ensure that it can work normally on rainy days. Provide you with continuous and stable night lighting.

Feature Weather resistance

Integrated LED Solar Street Light Projects

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