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Powerful Solar Street Lights

Newskypower Powerful Solar Street Lights

The category of street lights that have oversized solar panels and durable, long-lasting battery capacity to deliver high-wattage lights is called Powerful Solar Street Lights. These products are usually built with rugged housings that can withstand a variety of weather and temperature conditions for long-term outdoor use.

Feature of Powerful Solar Street Lights

Durable & Reliable

Support max 5 years warranty.

LED color temperature
High Brightness

Lighting efficiency>180LM/W.


IP65 waterproof for outdoor.

Lithum battery
LiFePO4 Battery

lifespan >2000 cycles.

High Quality LED Beads

It is well known that the brightness of solar street light is usually measured in lumens.

As a leading manufacturer of powerful solar street lights, we believe that product quality is the first criterion for long-term cooperation. We are proud to say that our powerful solar street lights produced by our factory use LED lamp beads from SAN AN and Philips, two industry-leading brands!

The famous lamp bead brands ensure the brightness and reliability of powerful solar street lights. It can reach an astonishing lumen output of 200LM/W, bringing bright light to citizens’ living environment. It effectively improves the efficiency of road lighting and saves cost budgets for urban construction plans.

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Intelligent Working

Newskypower powerful solar street lights support adding intelligent motion sensors, which can automatically sense changes in the flow of people around them. For example, when someone approaches, the lights will automatically turn on, and when the person leaves, the lights will automatically dim or turn off.

In order to meet different road lighting needs, customers can customize other functions, such as remote control through mobile phones, and can easily adjust the light brightness and working mode of powerful solar street lights no matter where they are.

For different models of powerful solar street lights, our remote control also provides a variety of energy-saving modes to minimize energy consumption and extend the service life of batteries and street lights.

Highly Efficient Work

Powerful solar street lights have large solar panels and a greater storage capacity for the conversion of sunlight into electricity. As a result, the more efficiently the electricity is converted, the longer the light stays on. Reduced dependence on limited energy sources.

The powerful solar street light works intelligently to maximize the use of solar energy by increasing the charging efficiency to over 95% with the MPPT controller. Intelligent power regulation ensures continuous work on cloudy and rainy days.

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