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Solar Street Light for Home

Illuminate Your Home with Newskypower Solar Street Lights! Light Up Your Night with Sustainable Solutions.

Newskypower Solar Street Light for Home

Solar street light for home as residential solar street lights are mainly installed around homes, such as residential areas, parks, neighborhoods, and paths. They are independently powered lighting solutions that do not need to be connected to the grid, and remote areas with underdeveloped power supplies are suitable for solar energy installation, charging through solar panels during the day and providing lighting at night.

With the reduction of the cost of solar street lights for home and the continuous progress of solar technology, more and more families choose solar street lamps to provide them with a reliable, energy-saving, and green way of life.

Feature of Solar Street Light for Home

easy installation
Easy Installation

No need to connect to AC power, simple and quick install.

Motion sensor
Motion Sensor

Radar or PIR motion detection. Energy Saving.


IP65 Weatherproof to withstand outdoor conditions.

Lithum battery
Lithium Battery

Long service life, up to 2000 cycles.

High Luminous Efficiency

Solar street light for home adopts high luminous efficiency famous brand LED lamp beads, luminous efficiency can reach 200LM/W. With a PC optical lens, the large angle luminous range is more than 140 degrees.

Provides high-lumen and stable outdoor lighting for families.

SCL005 Solar street light for garden
feature solar street light with motion sensor

Intelligent Sensor

Equipped with an intelligent infrared or radar sensor, the solar street light for home can automatically adjust the brightness according to the surrounding environment.

When someone passes by, the street light automatically turns to high brightness mode, bringing safe lighting for people’s activities. When people leave, the street light automatically turns to low light mode, saving energy and reducing light pollution.

Safe and Reliable

The solar street light is powered by DC, not connected to the AC mains to avoid electric shock and other safety hazards. The waterproof grade of the lamps reaches IP65 and above for outdoor use.

NEWSKYPOWER focuses on product quality and safety performance, all the products have gone through strict quality inspection and testing to ensure stable and reliable performance, providing security for your family.

Feature Weather resistance

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