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Solar Street Light with Motion Sensor

Newskypower Solar Street Light with Motion Sensor

Newskypower has developed commercial solar street lights with motion sensor to improve efficiency and safety. Combining solar energy and motion sensor technology, it can more effectively illuminate city streets, gardens, parks, parking lots, squares, communities, farms, courtyards, rural roads, etc. It can play an important role in various application scenarios to meet lighting requirements. Maximize energy savings and enhance security. For extreme weather, rainy days or areas with insufficient seasonal sunshine, outdoor solar street lights with induction can save energy and meet customers’ electricity needs for 365 days.

Solar Street Light with motion sensor use MONO solar panels with efficient fast charging technology. The lifespan of the solar panels reaches more than 25 years. Solar energy is converted into electrical energy through solar panels and stored in batteries. The lamp body has a built-in large-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery, which has a long battery life and can work all night. Long lifespan of more than 2000 times cycles. With an IP65 waterproof function, it is suitable for all kinds of weather.

Feature of Solar Street Light with Motion Sensor

easy installation
Easy Installation

No need to lay underground cables

Motion sensor
Motion Sensor

Human detection, PIR Sensor or Radar Sensor

Outdoor Waterproof

IP65 level waterproof for outdoor use

Lithum battery
LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

32650 Lithium batteries for power storage

Energy saving and automatic detection

Solar Street Lights with motion sensors can automatically detect movement within a few meters. Before motion is detected, keeping the brightness low can save power and extend battery life.

Once motion is sensed, the LED solar street light with a motion sensor can be automatically adjusted from low brightness to full brightness for 30 seconds. This smart feature saves power and increases brightness. and improve visibility to prevent unwanted intrusions.

feature solar street light with motion sensor
feature solar light with motion sensor

Remote control

Solar street light with motion sensor is equipped with a remote control. The remote control allows users to easily adjust various settings of the solar street light.

Users can choose different working modes, induction mode, always-on mode, or mixed mode of always-on and induction through the remote control to meet different needs.

Wireless and easy to install

Solar Street Lights with motion sensors are wireless. Compared with traditional LED streetlights, they do not require wiring and are quick to install. Save installation costs and time.

First, determine a sunny installation position, and then fix the pole on the ground, finally turn on and install the solar street light at a suitable location on the light pole.

feature industrial solar light

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What are the disadvantages of Solar Street Light with Motion Sensor?

The solar street light increases the motion sensing function, when people are detected, the light turns to high brightness mode, when people leave, it turns to energy-saving mode, which saves electricity and prolongs the lighting time.

How many types of sensors are there for solar motion sensor light outdoor
  • PIR Sensor: Infrared detection
  • Radar Sensor: Microwave detection
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