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Solar Powered LED Street Lights

Newskypower Solar Powered LED Street Lights are Engineered for Excellence, Powered by the Sun, and Designed to Brighten Your World Sustainably.

Newskypower Solar Powered LED Street Lights

Solar powered LED street light is an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient lighting solution. It uses solar energy for charging, absorbs energy during the day, and lights up automatically at night without an external power supply. This solar street light is intelligent working and provides bright and constant stable lighting. Easy to install and low maintenance cost, ideal for urban and suburban lighting.

Feature of Solar Powered LED Street Lights

high lumen LED
High Brightness
easy installation
Easy Installation
IP65 Waterproof
Lithum battery
LiFePO4 Battery

High Lumen, High Brightness

Solar powered LED street lights adopt a CREE LED chip, CREE30*30, with luminous efficiency of over 160LM/W, working time of up to 100000 hours, and color temperature that can be selected from 3000K to 6000K according to demand.

This advanced lighting technology not only brings higher luminous intensity and lower thermal resistance but also improves the stability of the lamps and extends the service life of the LEDs, thus realizing longer-term system reliability.

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feature semi integrated solar street light LED lamp

Optical Lens

Newskypower produces solar powered LED street lights with optical lenses, which is a new type of lens that enables the light to be spread out more evenly, with a luminous angle of 140 degrees.

The beam pattern is perfect for sidewalks, pedestrian promenades, bike paths, roads, and parking lots.

PIR motion sensor

Solar powered LED street lights can be customized with or without motion sensing according to customer requirements. When paired with PIR motion sensing, it can detect movement within a few meters of the device.

When motion is detected, the LED light output can be adjusted from low to high brightness and remain high for 30 seconds. This feature not only improves lighting flexibility but also helps to save battery power and improve energy efficiency.

feature PIR solar street light

Solar Powered LED Street Lights Projects Gallery

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