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Solar Powered Street Lamp

Newskypower offers reliable illumination while reducing energy costs and carbon emissions and providing sustainable lighting solutions.

Newskypower Solar Powered Street Lamp

NEWSKYPOWER is one of the professional solar powered street lamp manufacturing factories in China. We focus on creating high-quality, stable-performance solar-powered street lamps to meet the needs of green and environmentally friendly new energy.

We have a technically experienced R&D team and quality inspection system to ensure quality while constantly innovating solar-powered street lamps to meet market needs. Also, we provide customized services to meet the road administration needs of different countries. We are proud that we ship a large number of solar-powered street lamps to all parts of the world every month. The trust and praise of our customers are the greatest support for our factory.

Feature of Solar Powered Street Lamp

Quality Guarantee

Support 5 years warranty

easy installation
Easy Installation

ALL IN ONE Integrated Design


IP65 Waterproof for outdoor

Lithum battery
LiFePO4 Battery

More than 2000 cycles

Heavy Duty Material

As a solar powered street lamp manufacturer with sufficient experience, we are very cautious in the selection of materials. The shell of our solar-powered street lamp is mainly made of die-casting aluminum.

Its biggest advantage is that it is hard and anti-corrosion, even if it is installed in a coastal city, and there is no need to worry about rust and breakage due to long-term use, reducing the need to spend more money to replace due to damage.

Cast aluminum SSO
feature semi integrated solar street light LED lamp

Selection of LED Beads

As one of the core accessories, an efficient solar powered street lamp is inseparable from high-quality LED lamp beads, which can directly affect the lighting effect and working life of a complete solar street light.

Our outdoor solar-powered street lamp chooses the famous brands’ lamp beads, and the light efficiency can reach >180LM/W. , the luminous angle is 140°, which does not produce dazzling light, reduces light pollution, and improves lighting in citizens’ living areas.

Safety and Intelligence

The solar powered street lamp manufactured by NEWSKYPOWER has a high waterproof coefficient of IP65-IP68 and can adapt to different bad weather such as outdoor rainy days. Solar-powered street lamps have low voltage, use DC power, and will not cause electric shock and safety accidents.

Equipped with an intelligent controller that automatically adjusts the working mode and brightness according to weather conditions and remaining battery power, reaching the standard of 365 days of continuous lighting.

MPPT charging

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