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Solar Sensor Street Lamp

Newskypower Solar Sensor Street Lamp

NEWSKYPOWER Solar Sensor Street Lamp is a kind of lighting equipment that utilizes solar power generation and work automatically from dusk to dawn through induction technology.

Solar motion sensor street lamp remains off during the daytime, and activates during night time or in low-light cloudy conditions. The sensor can help the street light to provide energy-saving mode, high light when people is there and low light when people leave, which extends the working time of the solar street light.

mj-xj9 solar street light
MJ-XJ9 Series Solar Sensor Street Lamp
  • Model: MJ-XJ902/903/904/906
MJ-SSO Solar Street Light with Radar Sensor
  • Model: MJ-SSO100/200/300/400
  • Model: MJ-LH9300/9400/9500/9600
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Feature of Solar Sensor Street Lamp

easy installation
Easy Installation

No need to lay underground cables

Motion sensor
Motion Sensor

Human detection, PIR Sensor or Radar Sensor

Outdoor Waterproof

IP65 level waterproof for outdoor use

Lithum battery
LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

32650 Lithium batteries for power storage

Motion Detection

Solar sensor street lamp is equipped with a sensor that detects human activity in the surrounding environment. The LED street light will increase its brightness when the object moves in its detection range, and decrease its brightness when the object moves out to save energy.

There are two types of motion sensors that are generally used on solar sensor street lamps, the passive infrared sensor(PIR sensor) and the radar sensor (Microwave sensor).  Users can choose either of them based on their actual needs.

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Independent Power Supply

The Solar Sensor Street Light integrates a solar panel that converts solar energy into electricity stored in a battery to provide road lighting. This independent power supply system allows it to work in places where there is no external power source, such as remote areas or parking lots.

Solar street lights with motion sensor reduce reliance on traditional power sources, making them less vulnerable to power failures or equipment breakdowns.

Low Maintenance Cost

Since the operation of solar sensor street lamp relies purely on solar energy and auto-sensing technology, maintenance costs are relatively low.  The service life of the lamps can be effectively extended by adopting Grade-A high cycle LiFePO4 lithium batteries.

Compared with traditional on-grid street lights, solar street lights with motion sensor are easy to install as they work as an independent system. The maintenance and repair are less labor-intensive as there is almost no wiring involved.

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Solar Sensor Street Light Projects Gallery

What are the disadvantages of Solar Sensor Street Lamp?

The solar street light increases the motion sensing function, when people are detected, the light turns to high brightness mode, when people leave, it turns to energy-saving mode, which saves electricity and prolongs the lighting time.

How many types of sensors for solar motion sensor light?
  • PIR Sensor: Infrared detection
  • Radar Sensor: Microwave detection
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