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Solar Street Light with Pole and Battery

Newskypower Solar Street Light with Pole and Battery

NEWSKYPOWER Solar street lights with Pole and Battery is a self-contained solar lighting system that combines a solar LED street light with a support pole structure. The whole unit is powered by a collaboration of photovoltaic cells and lithium batteries, requiring no connection to the electrical grid.

The all-in-one solar street light with pole and battery is typically applied in remote areas where the power grid is costly to install, or in urban areas to build smart city projects.

Feature of Solar Street Light with Pole and Battery

easy installation
Easy Installation

No need to lay underground electrical cables

Quality Guarantee

Up to 5 years warranty is supported


Outdoor waterproof design IP65 and above

Lithum battery
Lithium Battery

Large capacity lithium iron phosphate battery


They are charged by solar energy, which is a renewable energy source that can be obtained from the sunlight.  The LED lamp is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery without the need for an external power supply.

Maximize the use of solar energy through intelligent charging and discharging modes to provide nighttime lighting, with lights automatically coming on in the dark and turning off at daybreak, which greatly saves electricity and maintenance.

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Easy Installation

Integrated with solar panels and lithium batteries, NEWSKY POWER Solar Street Light with pole and battery requires no connections to traditional electrical infrastructure. These independent systems do not require extensive wiring, making installation less labor-intensive and faster.

As there is no need for wiring, solar pole street lights with battery cannot only be used in outdoor street lighting but can also be applied in landscape improvement.

Weather Resistance

The sturdy pole structure of NEWSKY POWER solar street lights with battery is designed to withstand severe weather and natural disasters, ensuring stable operation of the street light for a long time.

The solar street light with pole and battery adopts an efficient waterproof design with IP65 rating. The surface is treated with special corrosion-resistant treatment to improve the antioxidant performance and guarantee the service life of solar street lights in humid environments.

Feature Weather resistance

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